3 tips to increase your salary through your cv

What is the purpose of a cv? If you know, you know…

Most people think a cv is just a way of documenting employment history and because of this try and fill the pages with achievements, skills, and technical abilities in hope of securing that ever elusive interview.  Using it solely as an opportunity to wow the recruiter into picking you over a closely matched rival. But what if you could do that and so much more with simple tweaking of your cv?

With competition at an all time high, simply documenting your experience and trying to hook employers with big company names, titles and skills isn’t enough. Your cv should be used as a tool for demonstrating your progress and future earning potential. Yes salary guideline exist and companies follow the industry pay scale indicators, but theres always room for negotiation. 

Try these 3 easy to follow tips and increase your potential earnings.

#1 Be logical

Using a reverse chronological layout for your cv is the way forward. If you use it correctly! Showing just how far you’ve come, from where you started can influence a recruiter of your potential, both professionally and financially. If you use your role titles to highlight the progression of responsibility and knowledge you’ve gained from position to position. Alternatively a one-line intro to each position you’ve held can set the scene for the progress you’ve made e.g As Assistant Brand Manager for this boutique provided the exposure of pitching to bigger businesses preparing me for this Nike Brand Manager role. 

#2 Use quantifiable measures

Your skills, experience and technical abilities can give you leverage, but they lack context for a recruiter if they are not quantified. Leading a team of 5 requires a lot less negotiation skills than leading a team of 12, as with overseeing a Training budget of half a million isn’t matched to one of £100,000. Using numbers throughout your cv can show your individual impact as an employee and the level of responsibility you’ve held. This all works in your favour, showing the potential value you can add, making you an attractive asset. 

#3 Include the outcome from your duties

Managed, organised, developed and analysed are great ways to prefix the description part of your cv. But what most people tend to forget, is that the outcome is just as important. Coordinated the annual company away day across multiple sites ensuring 80% participation rate from senior management is much better than just “coordinated the annual company away day”. Your ability to articulate the outcomes can score you higher than your competition overall, and give you stronger bargaining power with salary outcomes at interview.

Money isn’t everything, but it helps right? You can create a lifestyle, it gives you options. So why not set yourself up for success, with these easy tips. 

Let us know how you get on.

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