If Trump can do it…

How do you make America great again? Fake it ‘til you make it…Obvs! 

Ever found yourself in a situation where at that very moment you realise you don’t actually know what the f!ck you’re doing, supposed to do or say, for that matter. Presenting to a group, answering a question during an interview, or caught off guard by an offer that you know is way above your experience?

Having just watched the inauguration of Donnie into the White House, the 45th president of the united states and listening to commentators repeatedly mention his non existent political background, how did a reality TV businessman, with a bad tan and penchant for grabbing women by their p*ssys end up becoming the leader of the Free World?

Now, I’m no political mastermind myself and at basic level I guess most would say that a successful businessman like Trump who has money and power would be a strong influence. Political campaigns ain’t cheap and celebrity status has a way of influencing the hearts and minds of the smallest of minds, with the racists, homophobic and xenophobic idiots at the top of the list. 


Money and fame a side though, it does beg the question: How did Donnie do it? At the beginning of his campaign did he really think he had a chance, did he consider himself a serious candidate, or was he simply in the right place at the right time, faking it, until he made it? Saying what the public wanted to hear,  jumping on Twitter to make his point and never backing down against his opposition?

I’ve observed the Trump Mister, and that guy has an enviable level of confidence. Say what you want about him, and I have a catalogue of choice words for the geezer, who wants to build walls and mock people. He definitely believes in himself, he isn’t phased by people who dislike him and right now he’s taken on a position where for the next four years faking his political insight, will be as much his job as running the U S of A.

Every cloud though has a silver lining and there’s at least one positive from every negative, so if you take anything away from this post, and Donnies victory, know that if Trump can do it so can you!

 Don’t let anything or anyone stop you, not a lack of qualifications, lack of experience not least lack of confidence. Anything and Everything you put your mind to you can achieve! Doubting yourself achieves nothing, so show up, show out and fake it ‘till you make it.

When you believe in yourself, others believe too – Just be kind when you do it.

Disclaimer: Just to be clear, this post is in no way supporting, advocating or championing Donald Trump, he is an A1 arse.

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