Why Dubai? 3 must do’s in Dubai


Dubai is an amazing holiday destination, with either family, friends or partner. Great weather, friendly people, loads of activities and food to die for. Whats more, Dubai is mega inspirational and motivational place , the cars the houses and the shopping. If you’re thinking of going heres 3?must do’s in Dubai.

1. Dine out

The service is as good as the food and the choices are vast, from Lebanese to good old British grub.



2. Visit the desert

Sink your feet into the sand before jumping on board a 4×4 and experiencing dune bashing, camel riding or watch falcon racing.



3. Old Dubai

Take the road less travelled and check out Dubai old town. A metro ride and boat trip way to a whole new world.

So why Dubai? Why not! In addition the Burj Khalifa, dancing water fountains, and indoor skiing are major attractions for tourists and there’s something for everyone.


|[Edit] Studios|

[Edit] Studios

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