What 2016 taught me..

Been reading a lot of blog posts about new years resolutions and how good/bad 2016 was for some. That really got me thinking about my twenty sixteen. Many have said it was a rough one, unexpected events like leaving the EU and Trump winning and unexpected passings like Michael and the geezer from Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

Spent the best part of last year living in Australia, meeting new people and figuring shxt out for myself. Travelling between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane alone and navigating a world away from the comfort of my friends and family, getting up everyday and deciding my own plan, where i wanted to stay, eat and explore and creating my own network. It was amazing but scary.

2016 was the year of challenge for me, I remember calling my bestie and saying that Australia wasn’t for me, I was out of my comfort zone and it didn’t feel great, I felt like I was punishing myself unnecessarily,  having to make big decisions, decide what path to take when faced with dilemmas, when I could have been back in London, living the life Ive always lived.  She reminded me why I had decided to go there in the first place – To challenge myself!


Overall I Gained immense confidence once i got over myself and started appreciating just how great the experience was on different levels. I challenged concepts, belief and limitations that Id put on myself and even those that had been put on me. This was something I could tick off of my bucket list, add to my resume, tell my kids and the grandkids about.

How many people get to live and work in a foreign country, get to walk the harbour bridge every morning, drink cocktails at the Opera House, eat kangaroo in the Outback and touch Ayres rock?

I know now more then ever before what Im capable of if i push myself, that coming out of my comfort zone isn’t as hard as it first seems and I trust myself and my instincts more. And this all happened in 2016. So whilst everyone around me is hoping that 2017 is better than 2016 Im hoping that after a year of transition and challenge, 2017 affords me to reap the benefits of what Ive learnt this far.

Its a new year, go get it!

What are you most looking looking forward to in 2017?

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