3 Tips for making big changes

Making big career or lifestyle changes can  be daunting, a great way to tackle them is by breaking them down into bite-size chunks, but a better way is making small edits to your current routine until you create the big change you want.

1.Edit (Decide on the Edit)

When you know what it is you want to change then start breaking this down into smaller bite size edits. You want to retrain as a massage therapist? you start researching suitable courses that you can attend after work, then how you can pay for this by saving a little a month, then how after a number of months you can transition to making this your main career choice. Decide what it is you want and create the edits to achieve it.

2.Set (Set a goal and accountability)

A time frame invariably determines the rate of success so set an attainable goal, I will career search consistently for 1 month, I’ll be out of my current role by the end of the year, or next year will be my year of travel. Once you have this down, enlist your friend to be your accountability buddy, make sure you check in with them to update on your progress. Ultimately though, be accountable to yourself, meet your own expectations.


3.Go (Go for it – small edits, big change).

Go hard or go home, give everything you have. Show up and show out. You have a plan and nothing to lose. Regardless of the time it may take to achieve, pay cuts you might have to take to get there, what people might say about your decisions,  none of that matters.



What [Edits] will you make today?

|[Edit] Studios]

[Edit] Studios

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