Purpose or Passion?

Want to know why I’m inspired to support the career journeys of corporates and creatives? Heres a rundown of my career to date.

Graduated from a BA in Human Resource Management in 2008 (Shout out Birmingham), decided to complete my post-grad in Human Resource Management in 2010 after struggling to get a job due to the financial crisis. Since then I’ve had around 25 jobs in recruitment, hr and talent acquisition, Yep 25! in the last 7 years; from Deloitte to Adecco, Save the Children to TfL from London to Australia.

Each one I start saying yes, this is the one, this will be different, it’s the right industry, right country, I like my team, there’s interesting projects to work on, I’m about this life, let’s smash these tasks, impress the big boss, the corporate world is for you…! Then Deirdre from payroll trots over to my desk like a bad smell and asks me some dumb ass question about some bullsh!t incorrectly entered on to the 3rd spreadsheet of the day  and the shattering reality hits me, I’m really not cut out for this. The corporate world just isnt for me.


I discovered my strengths, decided to follow them and focused on doing what made me most content.

The hardest realisation was knowing that when I started out my career I was adamant that the corporate world was for me, I wanted the status and the money that came with it. In many ways I felt like I’d failed myself for not wanting the type of career and lifestyle that everyone around me was aspiring to.

I’d spent all this time and money becoming qualified to find out that this wasn’t for me. But along the way (As you’d expect) I discovered what was for me and what I was really passionate about doing and achieving. I realised I loved recruitment and talent acquisition, I just wanted to do it in my own way, I wanted to positively impact people, listen to them as people instead of see them as numbers.

Ultimately I love, speaking to people about their career journeys and love exploring their options, academic, talents and interests and putting plans in place to help them to achieve their goals and this is what I excel at – I found my purpose.

Have you found yours?

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