Don’t forget to play!

In the middle of making career plans and deciding what direction we want our life to take, sometimes we forget to have fun. We forget to do the things we enjoy like treating ourselves  and celebrating our small wins and our successes.

Our lifestyle are so important to us that at times we can become fixated on the hustle, keeping up and competition with ourselves and other

And  because social media makes everything so accessible, we can see whats available to us  – highlighting what we don’t have yet. And what our friends are doing, that maybe we aren’t yet, travelling the world, going to festivals,  moving out of home, the list goes on

As cliched as it sounds though, life is more about the journey than the destination, so  have fun  along the way.

What you want will come to you eventually, but enjoy the process of getting there.

There will never be a perfect time, so play now, whilst you can!


Those trainers, that top, the festival tickets, a break way, car.. whatever it is.

Then refocus on your goals, smash em’ and repeat!!!

Perspective is key and having fun along the way is important, do more, live more and don’t be so hard on yourself. 

Today is a good day to play, how do you play?

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