3 Career tips for finding purpose

Passion or Purpose lots of us are trying to figure out what we’re good at, if we can make money from it and see if we can create a lifestyle thats fulfilling long term. In a changing career climate, with flexible working, portfolio careers and social networking, here are 3 steps to following your career purpose.

1.Find your niche and be flexible

Culturally from a young age our expectation for careers are set but school, college, university, family and friends. Be careful not to get caught up in how or what you think you should do and be. People find their passions and purpose in different ways, through travelling, through studying, meditating, networking, social networking, the list goes on. Remember conformity can lead to unhappiness -be you and do you.

2.Fight the fear

Heard of fight or flight? When hurdles get in the way (as they inevitably do, in this thing called life, lack of money or time don’t write off your purpose, honestly chance are you’ll never have just the right amount of money to study, or travel or to invest in and idea or your self but there are alternative options, savings, bursaries, loans. And if you think the time it will take to study retrain or become qualified, the time will pass anyway, so what are you waiting for?


3. Show up and show out

The most anyone can ask of you or you of yourself is just to show up and give it your best (show out). The final obstacle is now just to live it. Step into your own, own your purpose and give it everything you have. Forget what others wanted for you or what they expected from you, this isnt their life, its yours.

For me, the greatest result of having so many roles  before freelancing, was picking up some really insightful tips, tricks and knowledge about blagging and bagging interviews, making strong first impressions and manoeuvring workplace politics, second to this was getting the opportunity to speak to colleagues, managers, CEO’s, CFO’s, leaders and Interviewees, finding out about their career journeys to date, how they got into particular industries, who influenced their career path, whether they enjoy what they do and what advice they’d give to people still undecided. This sparked my interest in creating a brand that provides relevant career coaching, information and support, but ultimately inspires.

Why not book a one-to-one coaching consultation today.

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