F*ck It List..

Aren’t t bucket lists a bit morbid?  Lets try a F*ck It List instead. Here are my  top 10:

  • Sky dive over the Palm Dubai
  • 10 course tasting menu (Because Im greedy like that)
  • Trek the Great wall of China just for fun ehh
  • Live in the states for a year, LA, Atalnta..
  • See the Northern Lights..Hmmm but it’ll be cold
  • Hot air balloon ride in South Africa
  • Write a best seller..Currently in progress
  • New years in New York
  • Dinner in the Sky
  • Camp under the stars in a desert

Why wait.. start ticking all the things you want to achieve in life now. Lifestyle is just as important as our careers. I don’t want to look back in 10 years time and regret all the things I could’ve or should’ve done. Start making small edits now and achieve your goals. Start researching, saving and making plans, not much works unless you do.

F*ck it or bucket list..Whats on yours?

|[Edit] Studios|

[Edit] Studios

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