Monday feels..

It comes around quicker than most days. For many it feels like a sinking feeling in the stomach around 3:42 on a Sunday lol! As the weekend draws to a close and another 5 days  looms ahead and you start to wonder.. Is this Life?  If you’re feed up of the feels of Monday, whats your plan?

I honestly believe the only people who really hate Mondays are people who hate their job! Seriously!!! When you’re feeling what you do and how you do it, Mondays don’t feel bad, the weekend ends and your excited to see what the new week has in store. Mondays effectively feel how you want them to feel. So what can you do to start making Mondays feel more amazing.

Decide if its your work or your company thats the issue?

Once you identify what the root cause is, then you’ll be able to tackle your Monday feels. You always have a choice, if its the work thats the issue research other opportunities, consider retraining or internal moves. If its the company weigh up your options, update your cv or see what other companies and brands have to offer your career development.

What small edits can you make today to change the course of your working week? Anything from speaking to family and friends for advice, researching college/university courses, speaking to your manager about your progress, approaching a mentor for guidance, saving regularly so that you can do a short course, or visiting Career [Edit] Studios in 2017 for a personal coaching session.

Decide when your going to make your edits and give it everything you’ve got!

Whats the alternative? 5 years from now your still in the same position, dreading Mondays making no progress, feeling the feels of Monday. Set a date, Set a goal and go get it! #EditThenGoGetIt and #EditThenGoGetIt

Feel inspired..

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