If nothing’s changing, change something..

When you’ve been on the same path for so long it’s hard to see objectively what your next move should be. If your job isn’t the greatest, you haven’t travelled as much as you’d like, the property ladder is baffling your mind and everyone around you seems to be killing it, what do you do?

Often times a change or edit is needed, when the realisation that nothing has changed or happened for a while, in your career or lifestyle. And the best way to start the change is to make small edits daily, weekly, monthly, until you achieve your goals.

Decide that you need to take control of this thing called life because you have the potential to achieve all your goals, then #EditSetGo.



Goals and aims never change but the efforts needed attain them might. Where you ‘stand’ and shoot from might determine how successful you are at achieving  your goals. It’s a continuous process of checking yourself against what you want out of life and how you’re going to get there, adjusting as you go,  deciding to ignore doubts and negativity is key. 

You can achieve anything you put your mind, whats the alternative..30 years from now, you’re wishing you had taken more chances, believed in yourself more or changed direction sooner..

What edits are on your list?

|[Edit] Studios|

[Edit] Studios

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