5 benefits of a Workplace bestie

On the surface the similarity between an Uber and workplace bestie might go over your head, but think about it, both offer convenience, banter and good timing, think about it!

5 benefits of a workplace bestie:

1. When Tracey from Marketing sends you a questionable email with an undertone of sarcasm and a hint of irony. You hit reply ready to tell her why her tone is unnecessary cc’ing the whole world and its child. In steps your work place bestie, over your shoulder  to scan over your impulsively drafted reply and quietly remind you that you ‘need’ this job, encourages you to back away from the send button, take a deep breath and delete that isshhhh.

2. Workplace banter is half the enjoyment of coming to the office, and a workplace bestie can make the 9-5/10-6/8-4 go that little bit quicker. It’s nice to have that private banter that not all your colleagues are privy to. The nicknames you created for the guy in IT with the sweaty back , the lady from Procurement who always wears those annoying noisy heels and Jobsworth Joe from Learning and Development ffs.

3. A real workplace bestie will make the time to pre-proof read the report that you need to send to your manager, before you finally send it to the Director. He/She probably has no clue what the report is about and no idea if your introduction reflects your recommendations but what the heck,  their procrastinating like you, they can read English and right now, that’s all that matters.

4. Lunch-time is nothing without a workplace bestie. Having a bestie you can message everyday at 12:55pm in anticipation for that golden hour is great. Giving you time to clear your head, step away from your desk and department. Listen to the drama elsewhere in the business or better still gossip about the world outside world Kanyes being hospitalised, Stratford Westfields new Miss Guided store, the likely christmas number one.

5. Workplace besties become a benchmark on where your career is going, have either of you been promoted, can you see yourself sitting here at lucnh in 12 months time in your current position, gossiping about the other departments sharing banter? Are your colleagues soaring ahead of you both, is it time for a change. Are you here because you love your job or has this role turned into a career of convenience?

Tell us about your workplace bestie, do they make your day go that little bit quicker

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